Educator’s Footnote 2019

Radin Mas Ceramics–These bookends, tumblers and animal tiles were actually my very first ceramic project more than 6 years ago in May 2013! Wow its been 6 over years and I remember I took all of the 6 to 8 classes. Recently when I finally had a chance to go back again through 2 other projects, I actually still saw them still lying around in the same artroom! Wow they are all still around after so long… What a wonderful surprise cos I never thought I would ever see them again! I never saw them again after the last session on glazing, which is usually the case. Although its already been so long, I can actually still recognise every single one of them and looking at them certainly brought back much fond memories! Its great to be back again after so many years this precious experience is literarily like walking back down the almost forgotten memory lane again 😀

Lakeside P4 Cut & Slot Program: Sentosa

Northview P6 Silk Screen Printing

Queenstown P1 Clay Food Art

CHIJ P2 Ceramics

Woodgrove P4 Ceramics

Yuneng Cut-out Animation Program

XinMin Charcoal Drawing

Westview Cardboard Relief

Woodgrove P5 Ceramics

NorthSpring Metal Tooling

Anchor Green Stained Glass Painting

Shuqun Stopmotion Animation

SCGS ceramics

Poiching Ceramics

Poiching P2 Paper Mache